5 Flooring Choices For Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is a hard-working space, so your bathroom floor must follow suit. Bathroom flooring must withstand water and some foot traffic while also adding beauty to the room. It should also be a surface safe and comfortable for walking with bare feet. As you plan a bathroom remodel, consider flooring choices that are both beautiful and durable.


Linoleum flooring from a place like Floor Master Inc is a very popular choice for the bathroom. Linoleum is very durable and requires little maintenance to maintain its look. The tiles or sheets feature consistent pigmentation throughout, and they come in numerous color and pattern options. Linoleum is made of linseed oil, pine resins, wood flour, and cork powder, making it a sustainable option. What's more, linoleum compresses and bounces back when you walk on it, making it comfortable for walking on.

Porcelain Tile

Rivaling linoleum in popularity, porcelain tile is a common flooring choice for the bathroom. As with linoleum, tile comes in almost unlimited color and pattern choices. What's more, you can choose different sizes and shapes. For instance, you can select classic subway tiles, oversized squares, or tile mosaics for an artistic look. Tile is very durable, being both stain- and water-resistant. Look for tile options that have been certified slip-resistant.

Natural Stone

In the same line as tile, natural stone is a beautiful flooring option for the bathroom. Natural stone tiles commonly come from granite, marble, slate, and limestone. Such tiles are a luxury option for bathroom flooring. However, Home and Garden TV recommends blending the tiles with river rock for a more cost-effective installation. Stone tiles are extremely durable, being naturally stain- and water-resistant.

Wood Laminate

Hardwood flooring is another luxury option that adds beauty and resale value to your home. However, hardwood flooring is tricky in a wet zone such as a bathroom because water spillage can warp the boards. A good alternative is wood laminate, which consists of wood veneer backed by plywood. Wood laminate naturally resists humidity better, but it can also be specially treated to be water-resistant.


A somewhat unusual bathroom flooring material is cork, though it's gaining popularity with good reason. First, cork is a sustainable material, being made from bark. It's naturally resistant to mold and mildew. While cork is also naturally water-resistant, contractors can apply a polyurethane coating to further seal the flooring. Finally, as a boon, cork is relatively soft, bouncy, and warm, making it ideal for walking on with bare feet.

Consider classic materials such as linoleum or porcelain tile, or opt for trendy cork as you plan your bathroom remodel.